• Welcome!


    Hi there. I’m Heather.

    I’m the face behind #CookieCrush.

    I’m a Mississippi girl who landed in Birmingham 19 years ago after marrying my Millsaps College sweetheart, Chris. I have 4 children, ranging in age from 16 to 5 months (same husband…you’d be surprised how many times I get asked this and no, I don’t sleep much). I’m an Occupational Therapist by trade and still love practicing on occasion.

    While I’ve always loved to bake, I started baking sugar cookies for family, friends and neighbors about 17 years ago, and I quickly fell in love with this process of creating. The method I use is different than most cookie peeps. I’m a glaze girl which means the main icing on my cookies is soft unlike those with a harder royal icing base. I may be biased but I think it’s the best.

    What limitations glaze has artistically, in my opinion, is made up for in taste. Over the years, many friends have encouraged me to start a business doing what I love. I resisted for so long, but on a whim in the Fall of 2017, I decided to put myself out there and give it a shot.

    So that’s how I got here…

    I was and still am amazed at the awesome people and customers I’ve met, who’ve supported me in this endeavor. It’s nice to meet you… Thanks for being here and for supporting this (very) small business! 

    #momboss#birminghamalabamabaker#birminghamalabama #showlovewithfood#showlovewithcookies #dowhatyoulove

  • Flash Sale Alert!

    Super Bowl Sunday

    I have decided to offer a last-minute flash sale for Super Bowl cookies.  Pick up will be this Sunday, February 3rd.  I’m not even sure who’s playing, so I thought I would play it safe and just offer super cute and fun footballs and stadiums.  Let’s be honest…most of us are just showing up for the snacks anyway, right?  Especially since the Saints were robbed… 

    I won’t take many orders so get yours in if you want to be the hero of the Super Bowl Party you got invited to or are hosting (go you)!.  We all know we’re a step or two behind this week due to the (beautifully sunny, no-snow) Snow Day.  So do yourself a favor and check that off your to-do list!  You can place your order here.  I’m offering them for $24/dozen!

    This is an old picture but the stadiums and footballs will be almost identical to these…I’d like to think they will be even cuter than this because well… #progress.